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Wednesday, November 15, 2023


About Us.

FinJS is a global FinTech conference held by OpenFin, The Operating System of Finance . Aimed at CTOs, eCommerce managers, development managers, product managers and other thought-leaders from banks, buy-side, and industry-leading technology platforms.

First held in 2016, it is now recognized as the biggest Finance conference for innovation in web technologies.

The conference has been held in various cities around the world including New York, London, Amsterdam, and Toronto.

See you in Toronto!

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023!



FinJS will kick off with a welcome Keynote address from OpenFin’s Co-Founder & CEO, Mazy Dar. In this keynote, Mazy will dive into the pivotal role OpenFin has had in spearheading innovation not only within Financial Services but across diverse sectors. Today, OpenFin is used by over 90% of of global financial institutions, deploying over 4,000 applications to more than 3,800 banks and buy-side firms.

In an era where efficiency, integration, and seamless user experience define success, OpenFin Workspace emerges as a game-changer for professionals across industries. Join us Gavin Lauchlan, OpenFin’s Chief Product Officer at FinJS in Toronto, where he delves into the revolutionary features of OpenFin Workspace and the transformative impact it’s had since its launch.Discover how OpenFin has seamlessly bridged the gap between legacy systems and modern application interfaces, enabling a holistic and streamlined workspace for global financial institutions and beyond. From its robust integration capabilities to its user-centric design, we’ll unpack the functionalities that make OpenFin Workspace an indispensable tool for over 3,800 banks and buy-side firms.

Navigate the intricacies of cloud adoption in finance with respective industry leaders, AWS, BMO, and OpenFin. In this session we will uncover the transformative journey from both the provider and client perspectives, diving into data security, compliance, and seamless financial workflows. Touching on the challenges, triumphs, and the future trajectory of finance in the cloud era.


  • Kim Prado, CIO, US Capital Markets, I&CB and Office of the COO, BMO Capital Markets 
  • Derek Cramton, Principal Client Executive, AWS
  • Chuck Doerr, President & CIO, OpenFin

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, women in tech consistently blaze trails, redefine standards, and bring unique perspectives that drive innovation. Join us as a panel of distinguished women leaders in FinTech share their journeys of breaking norms, standing tall in male-centric spaces, and ensuring their voices echo in boardrooms and project meetings. Discover the “womanly superpowers” they believe gave them an edge in their careers, and glean actionable insights on how the next generation of women tech enthusiasts can shape a brighter, more inclusive future for the industry.

Our Panelists:

  • Hannah Griller, Director, DSCi3 Quantitative and Technology Services, RBC Capital Markets
  • Pansy Lee, Director – Product, Rose Rocket
  • Kathy Kadoch, Partner, Deloitte
  • Kim Prado, CIO, US Capital Markets, I&CB and Office of the COO, BMO Capital Markets
  • Sebastian Good, CEO, Expero
  • Tim Baker, Managing Director, Financial Services Practice Lead, Expero

The emergence of generative AI, including models like ChatGPT, has significant implications for the finance industry. This panel will explore the latest advancements in generative AI, its potential applications within finance. Speakers will share insights on successful implementations of generative AI in finance and discuss the future of the technology.

Moderated by Chuck Doer,CIO & President, OpenFin

  • Yara Elias, AI Risk Lead, EY
  • Salman Ahmed, Corporate Partnerships, Dow Jones
  • Ankit Pathak, GenAI Lead Canada, Amazon / AWS
  • D Dehghanpisheh, Co-Founder, ProtectAI

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